October 02, 2015

Join the Official PowerPyx PS4 Community

Hey guys,

The PS4 firmware update 3.00, released on October 1st, 2015 introduces a cool new feature called „Communities“. It is similar to communities on Facebook.

Today I created a PowerPyx trophy hunting community! You are cordially invited to join the fun :)
To join you must look up my PSN-ID "PowerPyx" in player search. Click on my profile and scroll down to communities.


Everyone is welcome!

January 01, 2014

PowerPyx's Game of the Year Awards 2013

Whenever I upload my first video for a game, the comment with the most thumbs up is the question how I like the game so far and how I would rate it.

I get lots of these comments and I like them. I like sharing my thoughts on games with you, but with all of the guides I'm working on, there has never really been enough time for me to do in-depth reviews.
So for now, I will stick to my game of the year blog post to give you an insight on what I liked best this year, what was a huge disappointment and what else caught my attention.

Let's start, shall we?

My favorite Games of 2013

#1 - Grand Theft Auto V

I'm personally a huge fan of open world games. But what makes GTA V so outstanding is how huge and fascinating the world is. There are hundreds of collectibles, endless possibilities, so many things to explore. No other game has been THAT big this year. Even though the Multiplayer didn't work in the beginning, the online portion still turned out to be a lot of fun. And now that it runs fairly stable, it's simply a great experience overall. I like the many tiny things GTA has to offer. Some funny side missions, some completely crazy ones (Kifflom, Brother-Brother!) and the most awesome types of collectibles ever. Stunt Jumps, Knife Flights, Under the Bridges... all of these "collectibles" are so unusual, yet so intriguing and fun to get. I had a good time doing these stunts.
There are just so many things that make GTA V cool, there is not enough text in the world to tell you about it all. Oh and I really like that it takes place in and around the area of Los Angeles. I've been to L.A. myself (I'm originally from Germany, if you did not know) and the virtual Los Santos looks very much like the real world LA. Sure, it's not an exact replica, but I was able to spot a Diner in Vinewood (West Hollywood) where I had lunch in real life. I was amazed by that amount of detail and these are the in-game moments that really left a wow-effect in my mind. Sometimes, it's the tiny things that can amaze the most.
Kifflom, Brother-Brother!

#2 - The Last of Us

My number two is TLoU. When it comes to which game had the best story, best graphics and best character this year, here's the clear winner by far. It has gotten lots of 10/10 scores from some of the biggest review sites in the world and it truly deserves it! The guys at Naughty Dog are just great and outdo themselves with each and every game. The Last of Us is no exception. I liked the survival horror theme. Nowadays, it's all First Person Shooters. And while I do like FPS very much, having a game of this kind every once in a while is what makes gaming fun and moves this industry forward.
Ellie is my favorite character this year. She is so small, but so tough and fun. The story-telling is just amazing and even though you are in an apocalyptic world, Ellie never fails to throw out a joke when she feels like it. The atmosphere and setting just feel right.
The Last of Us doesn't have to hide its Multiplayer either. I played quite a bit of it to get my platinum trophy. It's an interesting concept. You win matches and kill enemies to collect supplies and keep your virtual clan alive. Then there are some challenges that threaten to kill your entire clan every few dozen matches and that adds a nice twist. This multiplayer is new and original -- the whole game is! 
It's also pretty badass to have a bow in your weapon collection there. Fun fact: I'm a recreational bow and crossbow shooter myself in real life. So I always used the bow in TLoU (which was massively overpowered anyway).
If you don't have a PS3, this game is the reason to get one. Definitely a must-have!

#3 - Bioshock Infinite

Choosing the third place was a little trickier. There are some other games that I really enjoyed and that would deserve a spot here, but Bioshock Infinite is very original and I like that. The flying city (Columbia) has to be one of the most beautiful and exciting video game environments I have ever seen. The entire game looks great and feels great - it's so full of life. When I first played the game, I knew this would be a strong game of the year contender and it belongs in everyone's collection. The story is interesting and the characters well chosen. And even though it's a linear game, there is a lot to explore.

Most Disappointing Games of 2013

#1 - Battlefield 4

More like Bugfield 4, huh? What can you say... well for starters, it's the most bugged / glitched game of all times. I have only played the PS3 version so far, but everything in this game is broken very badly. Doesn't matter whether it's the Single Player, the trophies / achievements, the collectibles or the Multiplayer. Over two months after release it's still not working as it should. I was also disappointed by the graphics on PS3. Older Battlefield games looked better. BF4 looks like a completely unfinished game that would have needed another year of development. In some areas you can only see black, empty placeholders in the background, rather than rich environments which should've taken their place. Some weapons are designed so poorly, the attachments are just hanging somewhere in the air and aren't actually attached to the weapon at all. The collectible counters are very bugged. Even after finding everything, they often do not update and say you are missing something. The numbers don't match with your battlelog statistics. 
The single player is unplayable because your save game gets deleted almost every time you leave the game or go back to the main menu. How to hell did the guys from EA's QA department (Quality Assurance / Game Testers) not find this? And why don't they fix it? It's a mess. And the story is just bad. There is no point in it and it's boring. You are basically just saving a ship... or not, if you choose not to do so in the game ending (which essentially makes the story pointless). A lot of it plays on water. But the water has got to be the worst I have seen in my life. When you use a boat and there's a wave coming your way, you will go underwater and get some weird graphic errors. The game is freezing all the time. The Multiplayer is broken in every way possible. Your XP don't even get saved after some matches. My XP were reset every second match, which made platinum impossible for me and I chose to give it up. The Multiplayer graphics are so extremely horrible. It's a pain to even sit through one match... but most of the time the game just freezes on you anyway and when you turn your PS3 back on, it greets you with a "file system corrupted" message.

#2 - Aliens Colonial Marines

I was skeptical when I first heard about the game, but after seeing some trailers it didn't look so bad -- but it turned out to be horrible. This is the worst game I have ever done videos for. After playing the first 10 minutes I was already very disappointed, but there were no other releases at the time and I already had the game on my to-do list. So I put together some videos, but it really wasn't any fun. The game is just incredibly bad in every way. The graphics look like something you'd expect from a poor PS1 game. The game mechanics are too simple and the animations are even worse. This game was annoying from the first moment and I'll never ever touch it again.

Best Soundtrack of 2013

#1 - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Brian Tyler did such an amazing job with composing the soundtrack for AC4. I love it! It supports the whole pirate theme and the sense of freedom that it embodies. When you attack a ship and the "Take What is Ours!" soundtrack starts playing, you start to get a feeling for what this era must have been like. It's a joy to listen through the soundtrack of Assassin's Creed 4.

Well, that's it guys. That's all the stuff I found very special over the past year.
Leave me a comment down below to share your favorites :)

August 20, 2013

I'm back... with a new Intro and Logo!

I'm finally back after the long summer break. Some of you were wondering where I went: there were simply no notable game releases during summer and so I haven't had any material for videos during that time. Hell, one guy even wrote me a YouTube comment and thought I died - hah!

Nonetheless, I haven't been lazy over the past few weeks. I used that time to update some graphics and work out a new logo and intro.

I figured it was time to go for something more trophy related. Because that's what I do - showing you guys how to unlock the hardest and most annoying trophies (and achievements) in all sorts of games.

Here is what the new logo looks like:

Along with the new logo comes a new intro, too!
I introduced it in the first video right after the summer break. You will see it in all upcoming videos. For now, all the Payday 2 videos have it. So give one of these videos a look to check it out, or wait until the next PowerPyx video shows up in your subscription box. Rest assured, there will be quite many of them over the next weeks and months. Lots of fantastic looking games are coming up! I personally cannot wait for GTA V.

Anyways, there has also been a small design upgrade on my website.
New graphical headings are now in use across all guide pages. They have an electric look and are blue-colored to fit in perfectly with the rest of the site. I was also able to reduce the file size of these headings by 90% compared to the size of the old ones. That helps speeding up the loading times for users with slow internet connections.

Here is what the new headings look like:

My YouTube Channel and Facebook Page do also have banners with the new logo now.
Lastly, if anyone is interested in getting a PowerPyx Wallpaper, check these two out:

Please feel free to leave me a comment on how you like the new designs. Feedback is always much appreciated!

July 05, 2013

Taking a break till August

Hey everyone,

it has been a while since I made a new post on my blog. Just so much to do, but so little time.
Anyway, I'll be taking a little break until mid-August. As usual, there are simply no game releases during July.

You can also expect some PS4 videos from me at the end of the year.
Greatness Awaits.

December 23, 2012

PowerPyx's Game of the Year Awards

Another year has gone by and lots of new games have been released.
I have played over 70 different games this year, but which ones rocked and which ones sucked?

Without further ado, here are my personal favorites:

Best Games of the Year

#1 - Assassin's Creed III

I have to give the shiny first place to AC3. As many of you might know, Assassin's Creed II was the game that made me start doing video guides on YouTube. The Assassin's Creed franchise is something sacred to me and I can't get enough of these games. I don't remember playing any other single player mode so extensively this year. There are some glitches here and there, but I didn't have any serious problems that kept me from getting trophies or continuing in the story. It's definitely the biggest Assassin's Creed thus far and a lot of fun to play. Besides, this was my most anticipated game of the year, too.

#2 - Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 was a big surprise to me. It's very different from all other games and truly original in every way.
I like this mix of Comic Graphics / First Person Shooter / RPG and the good amount of humour. Thanks to the extremely well done voice acting the interactions are very entertaining and memorable. Playing Co-Op ads even more fun. Well done Gearbox Software!

#3 - Far Cry 3

One of the best Shooter in years! FC2 was okay, but FC3 tops the scale. This game was designed in a very user friendly way. Everything you need to know is shown on the in-game map which makes it a lot easier to find stuff in this gigantic open world. The graphics are gorgeous and the nature looks really awesome and feels alive with all the animals that you can hunt and all the enemy outposts & patrols that you encounter. There is a lot to do in this game and the trophies / achievements are enjoyable as well.

Most Disappointing Game of the Year

Resident Evil 6

Sad enough that a game gives me reason to make this category. RE6 simply sucks and it totally deserves all the bad reviews and critics. Capcom promoted this game so much, but it feels like they destroyed everything Resident Evil stands for. If you've played it you will know what I mean... since when do zombies shoot at you with guns or maneuver helicopters and motorcycles? The characters are under-developed because their stories are so extremely short and it feels like you spend most of the time climbing ropes or crawling across exploding floors. It's very boring and has nothing to do with zombies at all.

What's your favorite and least favorite game?
Leave a comment below :)

...and merry christmas to all of you! Hope you are all having a great time and some handsome presents.

December 04, 2012

Video Break until DmC: Devil May Cry (January 15, 2013)

Hey folks,

I'll take a 6 week break from making YouTube videos until DmC: Devil May Cry comes out in January 2013. There are just no game releases during this time and no material for new video guides.
In the meantime, I'll be working on some other stuff in the background. Want to upgrade some graphics here and there to give everything a fresh look for the upcoming year.

2012 was the busiest YouTube year for me thus far. Every single one of you who visits my website and YouTube channel plays a big part in that. So really - thanks for being awesome!

I am sure next year will be even better with top notch games such as GTA V and maybe a new console generation.

Also keep an eye out for my personal Game of the Year (as well as Fail of the Year) awards during the next days or weeks. These will also be posted here on the blog.

Have a great December everyone,

September 28, 2012

Borderlands 2 videos done & Resident Evil 6 on tuesday!


The Borderlands 2 videos are done!
Check out the full playlist here:

Already got Resident Evil 6 yesterday and captured the first videos! I will start the uploads on tuesday.

Hope you guys will have a good time shooting zombies ;)